When it is a Good Morning


Waking up is a struggle sometimes. You finally decide to throw that heavy warm blanket aside, and carefully walk towards the kitchen, trying not to think about the weird taste in your mouth, turning the kettle on, and sit back on a couch in your dining room, drawing your laptop to check what happened in your world during the night.

When your kettle boils, you fill your cup with lava, throw some sugar in it, and while going back to the couch you pull the blanket off of your motorcycle, which is hibernating during winter inside of your house. Only then you realize, that your morning is actually pretty darn good.


Season is open

It was Sunday morning of March 13th 2016 and I rolled out of the yard on my bike, heading towards City of Winnipeg from town of Winkler, Manitoba, where I currently reside.

It was supposed to be my first ride that far, as I just bought a brand new Honda Shadow Phantom few weeks before.

Plus six Celsius and fog turning to rain was not what I expected, as weather forecast was promising me sun and plus fifteen just a day before. I could barely see the road thru fog, steaming up the glass of my helmet. Riding on wet highway felt terrible, as if on glass, and I was hoping it won’t turn to ice.

I debated turning around and going back home all the way to town of Morris about 50 km away from where I started my trip, and after stopping there for cup of coffee I realized that this fog will only be getting worse and my stubbornness may cost me life if rain freezes.

So, after a cup of great hot coffee and quick and surprisingly soggy breakfast at new Tims in Morris, I pulled my wet glowes back on and started back home. By then the temperature dropped to zero, so I don’t remember being in so much pain for so long ever before in my life. I froze stiff, almost getting frost bite on my fingers, but made it back home, opening my first riding season with my sweet new bobber bike, who was happily humming, taking pleasure in cold air.